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A Guide to LA's Most Secret, Scenic Hiking Trails

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For those who've resolved to crunch more calories while exploring LA's great outdoors, there are definitely trails for that—but if your idea of al fresco fitness involves leaving your paparazzi-repelling clothing at home (or for the rest of us Normals, maybe just sweating in Thoreau-style solitude), there are plenty of scenic and not-so-starry hikes for ditching those pesky paid shutterbugs.

While Yelp hasn't done much to keep these hiking trails a secret, they will most certainly have fewer celebrity hunters (or at the very least, they'll ward off the ill-prepared ones). From an Altadena trail that leads to a forgotten Victorian vacay spot to a Hollywood Hills hike that's not Runyon Canyon, see six scenic and less tourist-traversed trails up ahead. Pro tip: Be sure to check the exact coordinates of your destination before plugging it into Waze, which has been known to lead drivers astray.