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The Best Advice We've Received While Juicing With Fashion Stars

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Before we officially say sayonara to 2014, let's take a look back at some of last year's most inspiring A Juice With... dates, where we asked designers and style stars to answer delightfully random questions while guzzling down a cold-pressed one. Besides motivating us to explore our healthier sides, what we love most about these chats are the valuable takeaways and nuggets of knowledge these folks have the ability to drop on the fly.

To help us all have the Best Year Ever, here's a roundup of great life, beauty, fitness, and style advice from nine of our favorite local tastemakers.

Nick Fouquet, milliner: "I never planned to be a hat maker, it just sort of happened, it's as if it chose me. It turned into a passion that turned into an obsession. I love what I do and I also have an amazing team that helps me see my vision out, it's not like a one-man show, really."

Rachel Pally, designer: "There's no point in freaking out if you can't fix something. You just gotta go with it. If there's something that can be done to solve a problem, then solve it. If there isn't something that can be done, get over it."

Ashton Michael, designer: "From my dad, 'Don't work too hard to not stop and smell the roses.' It's very simple, it's very silly, but it made me realize that I'm doing so much and accomplishing so much and never appreciating it. Now, every time I'm stressed out I just pull back, take a few breaths and smell the roses."

Jeannie Mai, style expert: "If you really want something, if you push down doors and shove people out of the way for it, and then do it with an attitude of gratitude—I feel that's the biggest thing that got me to where I am today. [It]s about] appreciating people the entire away, making them realize that I appreciate every little handout, every little connection, every little email or phone call made for me. The people that I'm still friends with today know my integrity."

Daniel Musto, celeb stylist: "The haters always have doubt, but the lovers always believe in you."

Lisa-Marie Pascuccio, Lee + Lani designer: "I started getting really into Cardio Barre and Barre Method and I have to say that's the only thing that's actually transformed my body completely. I mean, my ass raised like two inches when I was doing it. So if you want a beach bum, do that."

Brandon Day, Generic Man designer: "You really want to make sure when you're picking shoes that they're versatile and they can be worn with multiple different looks."

Stephanie Lampkin, Odylyne designer: "My husband and I try really hard to raise [our kids] with manners and always say 'please' and 'thank you'; I feel like that's a given. Sometimes we parents forget the self-esteem thing and helping your child believe they can be anything they want to be."

Heather Lipner, Clashist designer: "I feel like now that I'm 34 years old, I have my beauty stuff completely down. A new thing that I just found is a scalp exfoliator by Philip Kingsley at Violet Grey. There's one thing that I've been using since I was literally 12 years old; it's Neutrogena's Clear Pore toner, it keeps your pores clear [from] dirt or residue; it's seriously the only thing I've been using for forever and it still works."
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