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Hydrotherapy, Colonics: A Guide to LA's Top Holistic Treatments

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Having the Best Year Ever 2015 isn't just about getting in shape or boosting your libido; feeling good from head to toe also means getting yourself centered from within. Given that LA is filled with holistic, naturopathic, and generally new age-y spa services, we're breaking down six of the top treatments that Angelenos are most curious about, complete with studio recs and pricing.

Photo: @acuintuitInstagram
What it does: As therapist Gianna de la Torre of Head to Toe LA explains, "acupuncture opens the meridians of the body, nourishes the organs, decreases pain, and relaxes the mind." Her specific treatment is called Acu-Intuit.
How it works: Stimulation of specific acupuncture points along the skin of the body using thin needles. It doesn't hurt, but does feel funny at first.
Where to get it: From Head to Toe (7466 Beverly Blvd, Suite 203; 323-306-4333)
What it costs: $150.00 (90 minutes)

Photo: via
What it does: It's a gentle, hands-on approach for balancing the structures of the body. Great for stress and anxiety, as well and back and neck trauma.
How it works: A therapist applies light touches to a patient's skull, face, spine and pelvis to remove tension layer by layer. This bodywork is appropriate for all ages, and animals.
Where to get it: Nancy Redlich Laub's Integrative Physical Therapy & Wellness (1749 N Harvard Blvd; 323-383-5287
What it costs: $150 (60 minutes) to $195 (90 minutes)

Photo: @xandertarigo/Instagram
What it does: Fans report that the experience is invigorating and improves a variety of conditions such as psychological stress, insomnia, rheumatism, muscle, and joint pain.
How it works: Cryotherapy is the local or general use of low temperatures (-200 to -240 F) in medical therapy. The client is placed in a cryogenic sauna/chamber for a short duration of one and a half to three minutes which lowers the client's skin surface temperature significantly and stimulates receptors.
Where to get it: Cryohealthcare (351 N La Cienega Blvd; 310-360-0780)
What it costs: $65 for a single treatment

Photo: The Springs
What it does: As The Springs puts it, a gravity colonic "is the equivalent of giving your colon a deep cleansing bath. When accumulated waste and poisons are removed from your body its overall function significantly improves along with its capacity to heal from within."
How it works: It removes toxic waste from the colon by using body temperature water that is drawn into the body with gravity. It definitely feels odd at first, but the relief is next-level!
Where to get it: The Springs (608 Mateo Street; 213-223-6226)
What it costs: $150 (45-60 minutes)

Photo: Larchmont Sanctuary Spa
What it does: Reduces muscle tension and relieves pain, rehabilitates injured muscles, boosts the immune system, encourage detoxification, and relieves stress.
How it works: The Aqua Latte & Floral Medley Bath at Larchmont Sanctuary Spa features a wide copper bathing tub that's ergonomically designed to comfortably fit two people, and there is a rise in the middle to help support back and knees. The jets move the water to help relieve muscle strain. Copper is also very compatible with the body's needs, as it's the third most prevalent mineral in the body. The tub is said to help reduce inflammation in the body.
Where to get it: Larchmont Sanctuary Spa (331 N Larchmont Blvd; 323-466-1028)
What it costs: $75 (20 minutes)

Photo: The Springs
What it does: Gets ride of heavy metal and pesticide residue from food and other environmental toxins in the body.
How it works: By stimulating the immune system via sauna heat, this treatment helps the body eliminate excess weight by inducing sweat. One 30-minute sauna session can burn up to 600 calories.
Where to get it: The Springs (608 Mateo Street; 213-223-6226)
What it costs: $25 (30 minutes)
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