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Meghan Trainor on Beauty, Butts, and Beautiful Butts

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Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

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It's a fact: 2014 was officially declared the year of the derrière, and we're not mad about it. Unless you're living under a rock (and in that case, we wonder how you're reading this), you've probably heard all of the chart-topping tunes dedicated to the well-rounded booty, like Southern super-sweet songstress Meghan Trainor's insanely infectious hit, "All About That Bass."

The Grammy-nominated singer toasted her doo wop-inspired debut album, Title, last night at swanky Hollywood cocktail bar The Warwick, where a host of well-blessed bottoms (see: model Amber Rose) and other famous faces (Nick Cannon, LMFAO's Redfoo) celebrated her major success. Given that the starry pretty people party was backed by cosmetics brand Clinique (for whom Trainor designed glittery pouch), we took a moment to chat about beauty, beautiful bums, and more with the Nantucket-bred chanteuse. Up ahead, find out what's in the 21-year-old star's makeup bag, who's her gluteus maximus muse, and more.

Tell us more about your beauty routine—what's the one thing you're loving right now?
I'm obsessed with Clinique's chubby stick. It's dope, because when I don't have my beautiful makeup artist who pounds makeup on my face, I have to do my makeup by myself, and I don't always want to put a hard red lip on or an aggressive dark color. They have perfect [shades] for paler girls like myself, because they're not too aggressive but it feels like butter on your lips. They're very subtle light colors but still very pretty.

Where do you find your curve confidence?
It's this song, it's all these little girls that are saying that I changed their life; this song changed my life. And not just in the way that now I'm famous, but in the way that now I'm confident. Now I enjoy myself, I like myself, which was hard before.

Are there any famous derrières that you admire?
J. Lo's. All day every day. I saw it in real life and I was blown away. Blown away!

Let's talk about your booty routine. How do you keep your bottom in shape?
I guess I dance every day for performing, but I do absolutely no workouts! I should start running on a treadmill because I'm getting winded on stage, but that's it. And I eat pizza every now and then.
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