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Have the Best Sex of Your Life: Toys, Apps, and Tips From a Pro

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Photo: <a href="">Sex with Emily</a>
Photo: Sex with Emily

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This Saturday, January 17th, West Hollywood's Sofitel Hotel will be transformed into a passion playground in honor of the Sexual Health Expo (SHE), a two-day sexual wellness and intimacy product showcase. The kinky event's keynote speaker is celebrity sexologist Dr. Emily Morse, host of popular sex and relationship advice podcast Sex with Emily, weekly guest co-host on Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky, and former star of Bravo reality series Miss Advised.

Since having your Best Year Ever certainly involves having a better sex life, we asked Morse to share some of her top tips and toy recs.

What type of sex problems do stars have?
Celebrities, just like everyone else, must prioritize sex in a relationship or their sex lives will suffer. For celebs, distraction is a major roadblock because there are so many options these days. It's no longer fans lining up outside to meet them or catch a glimpse after a screening or show. Today the possibilities and options to hook up are endless. With social media there are now literally millions of people who can reach and connect with a celebrity directly and so the distractions abound. Why stick with one person when there's always another hottie around the corner?

Do you think society has unrealistic expectations of sex because of the way it is portrayed in Hollywood?
Romantic comedies set many of us up for failure because the only sex portrayed is hot, sexy, spontaneous and presented with amazing chemistry. We don't see struggles with attraction, libido, and timing, so many people are surprised when I say "great sex takes work," but it's the most fun kind of work you'll have to do. Also, films typically show the blissful honeymoon phase of a relationship. The reality is that this phase will end and there will be issues in our sex life that we need to work on.

Do lingerie and foreplay go hand in hand?
Yes, lingerie is still a great element to throw into the foreplay mix, but not for the reasons you might think. It's not so much about about what our partners think of how we look in our sexiest lingerie—although that matters—it's also about how the lingerie makes us feel, because confidence is sexy. As for favorite brands, I love French label Huit.

Photo: Huit

Best mobile sex apps?
If you're looking for sex, and you're looking for it now, I'd recommend dating apps like Tinder and Hinge. If you're actually looking to improve your sex life, I recommend apps like Kegel Camp which walks you through the exercises and has a daily reminder you can set so you'll never forget to do these important sexercises. Doctors recommend Kegel exercises for women to improve and intensity their orgasms and for men to be able to control their ejaculations and also have more powerful orgasms. These are the most important sexercises you're not doing.

Are there any great sex toys on the market right now?
We are a society of technology lovers. From our iPhones to our FitBits to our cars that park for us, we are constantly looking for the hot products that will make our lives easier and more fun. So, in an age where tech-savviness is next to godliness, it only makes sense that sex toys are evolving, too. Sex toy manufacturers are jumping on the techie trend, resulting in high-quality, remote-controlled vibrators that can be controlled through an app in your smartphone! You want to talk sex toys without limits? Many of these toys operate using WiFi, meaning partners can play from anywhere in the world. My personal favorites for 2015 are the We-Vibe 4 Plus, the blueMotion Bluetooth Remote Vibrator by Oh-Mi-Bod, and the Dua by Je Joue.

The days of getting tangled in your vibrator cord are far behind us. There are some great vibes for the penis ring, like the Mio by Je Joue, which is great for couples sex. Hey, men like vibrations, too!

Photo: We-Vibe

How important is working out to boost your sex confidence?
Body image is one of the huge killers of a person's sex drive, so workouts that raise your heart rate, get the blood pumping and your mind and body in shape will contribute towards greater self confidence and a more fulfilling sex life. Yoga is a great exercise for opening up parts of our bodies that might be blocked sexually.

What are some easy ways a busy couple can revive their sex life?
Prioritize their sex life and make time for it even when it's the last thing on their list. The longer couples let sex fall by the wayside, the less likely they'll actually be having sex. It's like going to the gym, the hardest part is getting out the door, but you're always glad you did it. It's also always important to try new things; next date night stop by a sex toy store like Hustler Hollywood, which has the largest selection of everything you can imagine. Pick up a new toy or game that you have to go home and try that night. Make it a habit to try something different. Buy a new sex toy, watch porn together, and most importantly communicate about your sexual fantasies and what you want to try next. Have a sexual road map that you build and follow.

Photo: Sunset Strip

What is one of the wildest caller stories from your popular podcast?
The woman who had been faking orgasms for 20 years of marriage and finally had the guts to tell her husband. They worked on it together after she called into my show. I gave her some tips on how to break the news and communicate with him and now she's having orgasms every day. I'm not sure they ever leave the house!
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