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16 Snaps of LA's Massive New Container Store, Opening Tomorrow

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Just six months after revealing its plans to open at The Original Farmers Market at Third and Fairfax, The Container Store's highly-anticipated new location is set to open at 9am tomorrow. We've been keeping you in the loop of the 20,000-square-foot space's progress, offering construction reports and even a rundown of its key features by the numbers. Now, it's time to take a peek inside.

During yesterday's preview, we learned that all Container Store employees receive 260 hours of training per year to keep them up to speed on new product launches, such as the upcoming Container Store-branded closet system, TCS Closets, rolling out in October. We also discovered that this location will open with a sale—the Happy Organized Home Sale—complete with deep discounts through September 1.

Explore the store below and be sure to take advantage of TCS' opening weekend perks, including prize giveaways every hour ($1,000 Elfa space makeover, what?) and $10 gift cards for the first 100 social media check-ins.

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