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DSTLD Designer Anh Vu Loves Stockholm & Survival Stories

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DSTLD designer and new LA transplant Anh Vu was born on a sinking ship during the Fall of Saigon (yes, you read that right) and grew up in Montréal, where her family settled after successfully escaping Vietnam. A natural creative, Vu was inspired to pursue her passion for design after taking a fashion illustration class in her sophomore year of business school and swiftly relocated to New York to attend Parsons on scholarships. After graduating, she cut her teeth at a handful of small design houses in the Big Apple and Paris before getting her big break at Nautica, where she helped launch John Varvatos' line.

Vu went on to design for Liz Claiborne, Gap and her own line L'Une Collection before landing at DSTLD, where she handles everything from design and development to creating the brand's social media and marketing strategy. (Talk about wearing many hats.) We got to know the incredibly inspiring—and fluent French-speaking—designer over juice from Shred, right downstairs from the online-only premium denim brand's HQ on Beverly Blvd.

What are you drinking today?
"I'm drinking the Shaka-Bra with watermelon, strawberry and Granny Smith apples."

What's the next big denim trend?
"[It's] between really clean washes to ripped and destroyed."

Radio or Spotify?
"At work, Spotify; in my car, radio."

What are your most-played tracks?
"Disclosure. Everything from the album, I love it."

Ultimate style icon?
"Marilyn Monroe. Anything Old Hollywood, it doesn't go out of style."

Favorite sports team?
"Because I'm dating an Englishman, I've gotta stand by him and say West Brom. The [European soccer] season just started and when the team loses I try to avoid [my boyfriend] at all costs."

Last book you read?
"Frozen in Time by Mitchell Zuckoff. It's non-fiction, a real story about men who survived a plane crash in the Arctic. I'm obsessed with stories of survival because of my background. It's exciting to see how far the human body can push itself through the mind."

Where's your dream retirement city?
"It's between Paris and Stockholm. I love Stockholm because of the design—even in the smallest little restaurants! I was having dinner by myself on a work trip and the table next to me needed more space. The guy pulled this shelf from the wall and it fit perfectly between two tables to create a longer space. I thought, 'This is why IKEA was born [in Scandinavia].'"

Are you a cat or dog person?
"Dog! I had a lab mix myself; my boyfriend has two English bulldogs, they're both rescues."

Lastly, what's a little-known fact about you?
"I used to play a lot of poker [which led me to] collect playing cards. I have everything from black-on-black to cards from Vietnam that look like little matchsticks to cards from Taiwan that are shaped like the number eight."
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Shred Juice / DSTLD HQ

8899 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048