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Hottest Trainer Contestant #16: Megan Lynn Strand

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Welcome to Racked LA's search for our city's Hottest Trainer 2014. Over the last few days, we've been profiling our sixteen smoking locals—fitness experts who not only look hot in spandex, but can make you look amazing, too. Once you've gotten to know everyone, this week we'll host a March Madness-style showdown in which readers vote for their favorites. Let the games begin!

Photos by Danielle Directo-Meston

Megan Lynn Strand was first introduced to Pilates in college, where she was a Dance Performance major. She then left dance behind to pursue a career in Journalism, practicing Pilates religiously all along the way. Once she graduated, Strand began working in the music biz as a publicist, which led her to becoming a personal assistant for a mega recording artist. "For eight months of my life, I chased a popstar around the globe during her world tour," Strand reveals. "It was a priceless life experience beyond my wildest of dreams." Still, she had a change of heart. "One day I woke up and realized that this was not what I wanted to do with my life. I had the opportunity to leave the industry and I took it! Soon after, I obtained my Pilates certification and haven't looked back since." Strand now teaches Core Fusion at Exhale Mind Body Spa in Hollywood.

Equipped with a fiery red mane and a knockout smile, this busy trainer keeps a full plate with a variety of classes ranging from private classical Pilates to Core Fusion Barre+Cardio. "I can't really choose a favorite class," she adds. "Each hour I spend teaching challenges me as in instructor. I am constantly having to mix things up to keep my classes fresh and exciting for the group or client. The disciplines I teach have such different energy—they each require a different skill set and compliment one another very well. I can be your coach, cheerleader and therapist—it's all in a days work!"

In addition to keeping students moving by bumping a soundtrack that includes songs like "212" by Azealia Banks ("Whenever it comes on my playlist I instantly feel motivated to just drop everything and have a dance party"), Strand also takes the time to adjust to ensure that every student obtains the proper positioning and alignment. "I will push you to work your hardest and make sure you are doing it right," she explains. "Laziness doesn't fly with me, so if that makes me a drill sergeant then so be it!"
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