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Can Los Angeles Fashion Council Save LA Fashion Week?

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Although each season we attempt to round up the city's best shows worth catching, let's be real: Los Angeles Fashion Week leaves much to be desired. Year after year both fashion folks and critics blast the somewhat scattered showcase, using words like "underwhelming," "irrelevant" and most of all, "disorganized." But that may all change now that Los Angeles Fashion Council is set to officially take over the LAFW calendar.

In a project led by the organization's determined founder Kelsi Smith and Fashion Week LA's Jen Uner, next month LA Fashion Council will relaunch, making it a "multi production platform to serve both fashion week attendees and producers. The site will function as a calendar, a one stop shop for attendee registration and information as well as offer PR and Front of House and production services to eligible productions in the City of Los Angeles."

Although a streamlined calendar is definitely needed, we're also hoping Smith can tackle some of the issues indentified by A Current Affair co-founder Richard Wainwright: "As it is, the fashion calendar is over a month long and buyers and editors are not going to extend an additional week to LA unless there is something really special to offer. Unfortunately, any established LA designers worth looking at already show in New York."

No pressure. If you're an LAFW producer interested in submitting events or getting involved, email Smith at
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