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Kitson x Where's Waldo?; 20 Places to Watch Fireworks in LA

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· 20 places to watch 4th of July fireworks in LA [Curbed]
· Glendale's Brand Bookshop sadly shutters [Franklin Ave]
· Kitson SaMo now selling exclusive Where's Waldo? merch [FB]

· Why we wear black to funerals [InStyle]
· Older woman pay it forward at Walmart, actions go viral [Consumerist]
· DailyCandy founder says Comcast 'destroyed the brand' [Racked Nat'l]

· The making of Christian Dior's jewel-encrusted sneakers [Marie Claire UK]
· Virgin Atlantic unveils new Vivienne Westwood-designed uniforms [LAT]
· Japanese designer invents second-skin slipper inspired by fondue [NPR]

Vivienne Westwood

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