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Rory Beca Shows Us Her Colorful LA Space, Talks Knits & Bridal

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Last time we sat down with LA designer Rory Beca, she was preparing for her first go as a mother. Now, balancing life as successful designer and mommy to her 16-month-old son seems to be second nature as she gets ready for November's arrival of Baby #2—and those resort and spring collections. Beca, who recently hired a new design assistant, meets her team each day in her DTLA production offices where they work on everything from sketching, cutting, sewing and shipping inside the inspiration-lined walls.

The brand Rory Beca, recognized for its flirty prints and comfy silhouettes, is the quintessential wardrobe for the California girl. "It roots from who I am because I love to have fun, travel and live an active lifestyle," Beca said of the brand's aesthetic. Each collection is a balance of new designs and updated best-seller. Team RB is currently in the midst of some exciting collabs while also rebranding the entire line, "We're talking about changing the label to 'Rory Beca Los Angeles,'" the designer explained. "Because it captures California."

Describe your design process.
"I love draping, holding things up and playing with the fabrics, I've always been like that. It starts with prints and while I'm choosing prints, I'll pull inspirational photos and colors, so we're just building a board. Once we have all that, we start sketching. We sketch and sketch because so much gets dropped."

Is it hard to see certain pieces drop from the line?
"No, you can't be attached to anything! We do so many styles so you just can't be."

What season are you working on now?
"Right now samples for Resort are getting sewn up but we're sketching for spring [2015]."

How do you keep it all straight when you're working on so many seasons at once?
"This is the craziest time because the resort and spring shows are a month apart. So really you're working on it all together. It's five collections, two seasons, all at the same time."

What would you say are the biggest differences in demand between East Coast girls and West Coast girls?
"The hard thing is, we are so West Coast. So, no matter where the girl is, we have that feel. The East Coast girl knows what she is wearing head-to-toe. Us West Coast girls are like 'Oh, I'll throw this on, layer this up, wrap this over,' we are very much more that way of dressing. I think for East Coast, dressing is more calculated."

Do you have any special relationships with any bloggers or celebs?
"Something Navy wears the maxis and they always look beautiful on her, I love that she's in New York because there's still the California aesthetic. They all wear it, I love Sincerely, Jules, Cupcakes & Cashmere. Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars has worn it and I think she is so beautiful and sweet."

How do you wear Rory Beca?
"I love all of our shorts, they're so easy. I wear those a lot and of course since I'm pregnant I'll wear all of the loose blouses. I like to mix it with T-shirts."

What's new for the brand?
"We're doing some collaborations. We're doing knits, which I think is so perfect because it is that California, worn look but it's silk. I'm working on it with Andi [Ballard] from Seneca Rising. We're experimenting a lot and doing some boyfriend pieces but in a pink, so it's going to have that Rory Beca feel. We are also doing bridesmaids dresses! There will be five styles offered in magenta, silver, black, nude and royal blue. It's going to be called 'Maid.'"
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