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Rockstars Deap Vally on LA Shopping, Grubbing & Crocheting

L-R: Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy. Images via @deapvally/<a href="" target="_blank">Instagram</a>
L-R: Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy. Images via @deapvally/Instagram

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As seen here and here, we love girls who unapologetically kick ass. We especially love when they make bold fashion choices, play in rowdy rock bands and have a soft spot for crocheting. Believe it or not this trio of traits exists in not one but TWO badass babes, and they both hail from LA. Meet Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy of Deap Vally.

Raised in—you guessed it—the San Fernando Valley, this stylish duo met in 2011 at an Atwater Village crochet class, of all places. Since then, they've been spotted everywhere, from Coachella to the pages of Vogue UK. In anticipation of Deap Vally's upcoming gig at Amoeba Music in Hollywood next Tuesday, May 13 (be there!), we sat down with Edwards to talk hair, shopping, music and grub.

Tell us more about that crochet class you met at.
"I used to own The Little Knittery in Atwater Village on Glendale Blvd. One day, Lindsey walked in and I helped her pick out some yarn and she took my crochet class. There was only one other student in the class that evening, the filmmaker Saskia Jell. The three of us bonded over our struggle to have a career as an artist in film and music. Great class that night and good conversation!"

Do you guys still crochet?
"We still absolutely crochet. In fact, Lindsey just became an aunt and crocheted a beautiful little blanket and knitted a hysterical little jumpsuit for her baby nephew. Last year, I decided to make a 2013 blanket. I would buy yarn in every city we played on tour and then crochet it into this giant technicolor lap blanket. I'm still working on it."

When was the first moment you realized your band had really "made it"?
"That's an interesting question. Performing on the Jools Holland show in the UK was a huge moment. Getting to play at Amoeba is pretty epic, too—it's gonna be a first for both of us. But as far as having 'made it', I think we still have a long road ahead of us. For instance, we're still broke. So in that sense, the business model is not yet working for us."

You guys both have really, really, great hair. What products do you use? Where do you get it done?
"Ha! Love this question. I don't use products. I have curly hair, so I have to let it air dry in a slightly moist environment and then hope for the best. Any product weighs it down and doesn't allow my curls to happen. I also only shampoo it like once a week, and these days I use whatever shampoo and conditioner is available in a trial size at Rite Aid right before we leave for tour. I get my hair cut by Lisa at Lucas Echo Park (1541 Echo Park Avenue)—love that place. Lisa is the 'originator' of my '70s rock dude hair. I brought in pictures of Jimmy Page and Marc Bolan and we took it from there!"

Let's talk shopping. Do you have any fave shops in the Valley and beyond?
"Here in the Val, Iguana Vintage (14422 Ventura Boulevard) and American Vintage (14438 Ventura Boulevard) are good. But when I'm really having a vintage need, I go to Lemon Frog in Echo Park (1202 N Alvarado Street), or my favorites online: Backbite and Gravel Ghost. Lindsey and I are also both suckers for American Apparel. I can't argue with their labor practices, even if some people do say the owner is a creep. They have great staples."

What are some of your favorite fashion labels at the moment?
"Motel doesn't make anything I can't wear, so they get major cred for adorable statement pieces that actually fit bodies—it's an engineering achievement! I also continue to love and be inspired by the Balmain mini dresses from the last few years: shoulder pads, super-short hemlines, tailored structure, glitz glam and a little bit of kitsch and conceptualism—brilliant! Also, Gasoline Glamour makes the best sunglasses, period."

Any go-to local restaurants or bars?
"I love Local in Silver Lake. I just went to Sqrl for the first time and it was intimidatingly high concept upon a menu read, but then tasted totally delish. El Atacor in Cypress Park is my favorite carne asada taco. For bars, I'm a big fan of Sundaze at the Monty—good tunes, chill vibes. Can someone please tell The Thirsty Crow that they play their music too loud? I'd hang there a bit if I could actually have a conversation, but the high end in their sound system means I need to run away! I used to love Hank's in Downtown. It's a total dive with a weird mannequin, a free popcorn machine and Frank Sinatra's 'It Was a Very Good Year' playing on repeat. Perfect broke-down LA experience. Very Bukowski."

What are some other local bands that you're feeling right now?
"There's so much good music coming from LA. Where do I start? Fever the Ghost, LA Witch, Froth, Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel, Liphemra, Nightmare and the Cat, Cosmonauts, Mystic Braves, Young Old Man, Kim and the Created!"

What's next for Deap Vally?
"Our in-store at Amoeba on Tuesday, followed by a US tour opening for Band of Skulls. Then a summer festival in the UK and Europe, then back to LA to finish writing and recording our second record (with a couple of guys names Nick...), interrupted by a quick jaunt out to Singapore and hopefully Thailand to play some shows. Phew! In the meantime, SISTRIONIX is out on vinyl, CD and download."

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