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Eight Great Responses to Our Coachella Swag Bag Contest

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Image via Coachella

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Although our epic Coachella swag bag contest has ended and we've already selected our winner (see #1 below!), we want you to know that all of your incredible entries have not gone unnoticed. We received nearly 200 responses to the Instagram-powered giveaway and had a blast reading every single one of your brilliant answers to this simple question: "What do you love most about going to Coachella?"

Since you all clearly put some serious thought into your responses, we've rounded up the eight best contest entries received, from hilarious confessions to poetic declarations to ridiculous observations. Read on to see if your entry made the cut; see you in the desert!

8. "I love people-watching. You have all sorts of characters. I could think up ATLEAST 10 sitcom ideas by the end of day made up of people at Coachella." - @friskies80

7. "It's an endless playground of music, art and fashion where there's no judgments or negativity 'till you come across a photo found on Facebook that your missing underwear was found at the Gobi Tent. (True story of someone's underwear. Me = lucky person who found it.) - @gabyduong

6. "It's an oasis filled with all your wildest dreams, fantasies and temptations. It's feeling everyone's vibes around you through a musical bond. It's leaving all the negativity, stress and bullshit behind. It's like having an espresso with triple shots. It's a sweet escape." - @badgirlrayray75

5. "This year will be me and Coachella's 10th anniversary, and I'm still looking forward to solving the yearly #CoachellaProblems: Where's my car? We were supposed to meet ___ under the crane's head 15 minutes ago! Arcade Fire is the same time as ___! Cell phone service, lost sunglasses, bags, dignity." - @impeccablelogic

4. "The sweat, the aches in my arms from waving them in the air, the rocks in my shoes, the buzz in my ears, the texts from random numbers I don't remember getting that say, 'Hay, I think I have your left sandal', dirt under my nails and watching one of my favorite bands in the hot sun [...] Did I mention the sunburn with 'Coachella 2012' written in sunscreen on my back?" - @mira_krista

3. "The ridiculous, amazing idea behind fashion for Coachella—spending endless days and money thinking of and creating chic outfits that end up being too uncomfortable anyway, and probably destroyed by dirt and grass stains, or bros who cover your new kimono in sweat. Being hung over on Day 2 or 3 and trying to still look good is difficult, but the effort to look Kawaii as hell is worth it. I'm super excited." - @fashionazi

2. "Coachella is more than a three-day event—it's a marathon, not a sprint. First, there's the utter joy of PASSING THE STANDBY PAGE after having 10+ browsers open. Because seriously, WHAT IS THAT. Then, there's all of the prep, such as how you are going to stand out. The weekend steadily approaches as you wistfully daydream about bypassing security and dancing with the man of your childhood dreams who somehow aged slower that you did (Pharrell Williams)." - @valerielily

1. "What I love most about Coachella is how it is a complete enigma of a weekend! It's somehow exhausting and relaxing at the same time. There are a thousand places you want to be, but there's nowhere you really NEED to be. Most people there are strangers to you, but when you're grooving along to the same music, you're all family. The thing I hate most about Coachella? When it's over!" - our winner, @wheremywierema
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