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LA's New DIY Darling on Her Last-Minute Dinner Party Tips, More

All images via Lilyshop
All images via Lilyshop

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If you've yet to discover Jessie Jane's Pinterest-worthy projects and crafty genius, now's your chance. Since launching her lifestyle blog and Etsy-esque online marketplace Lilyshop two years ago, the super stylish supermom has since been tapped by the Hallmark channel as their resident DIY darling, dishing out pro pointers on everything from fashion, beauty, home decor, food and more to TV and online audiences. (Oh, you may have spotted her Kris Jenner's show, too.)

Seeing as she's pretty much the next Martha Stewart for the Millenial generation (watch out, Emily Schuman!), we decided to put the LA-based blogger and uber creative mother of two to the task. Now that we're heading into warmer weather, we asked the always-sunny Jane to share her tips on planning a last-minute dinner party in under two hours, plus her favorite do-it-yourself creations, retail therapy spots and much more. Read all about it after the jump.

What were you doing before you started Lilyshop, and what inspired to commit to it full-time?
"Before Lilyshop, I was crafting for fun. I have a serious obsession for all things creative and have been cooking and crafting since I was a kid. I wanted to be able to easily share my cooking, crafting, party planning ideas and all my handmade creations. So, when I had my first baby, Lily Bell, I started Lilyshop and named it after her. I decided to keep it all up because, well, I was going to keep creating new crafts and recipes all the time, so why not continue to share it?"

What's been your favorite DIY project to date?
"My absolute favorite DIY project is my coffee filter party poms. It was one of the first posts I ever did on the website and I thought the use of coffee filters was just so freaking clever. Everyone loved the poms and I have been asked to make dozens of them over the last two years for various parties."

Okay, let's say we've got two hours to prep for an impromptu dinner party—What are your get-ready-quick tips for last-minute entertaining and decor?
"Impromptu dinner party in two hours!? No worries! No time for fancy pants? Surprise dinner guests? This isn't the time to whip up something crazy. Put on your flip flops, get in the car, and go to the supermarket. Pick up some ready-to-go roasted chickens, some salad ingredients, pre-packaged sliced fruit, sorbet and a baguette.

Once you're home, throw the chickens into a roasting pan, slice a couple lemons in half and toss them in the pan. Heat your oven to 250 degrees and pop the chickens in there with the lemons. Everything is already cooked so just let everything heat for a half hour before your guests arrive. They will have no idea you didn't make that chicken and it looks quite elegant with the roasted lemons. And this is important: Make sure you push the chicken containers to the bottom of the trash and never tell your husband you bought them already cooked—a good host never gives up their secrets!

Now toss the already washed and sliced fruit in a bowl and set it in the fridge—I always go with strawberries and raspberries, looks more elegant. Sorbet goes to the freezer and all you have to make is a salad. I recommend my kale salad. Easy, delicious, and super simple: And now you actually say you made this dinner.

Next, set the mood and de-clutter! There's nothing worse than showing up for dinner at someone's house and seeing crap all over their table. Pile your mail, work and kid's art in one corner of the counter. Fix your pillows, hide your toys and light those candles. Candle light makes everything look better.

Finally, make your guests comfortable! The quickest way to buy time and make your guests feel comfortable is to put them to work. I know it sounds strange, but have you ever arrived at someone's house and then you just stand there awkwardly in the corner staring at them while they make dinner or set the table? When guests arrive at my house I take their purse and jacket and then I say, 'Hey, can you grab those plates for me?' Or 'Hey, can you open that bottle of wine for me?' This instantly makes your guests feel at home and it also helps you out when your in a pinch and need some extra hands."

We're so ready to throw a party now! Now let's talk retail therapy: Where are your go-to spots in LA?
"Retail Therapy in LA? OMG where do I start? My favorite shopping spots are Fred Segal Santa Monica for super edgy shoes and awesome accessories and then Planet Blue Santa Monica for soft tee shirts, ripped jeans, and of course all my Nightcap foldover beach pants. American Apparel Malibu is my go-to for all raglan sweatshirts; I literally have 30 and most of them are doubles of the same color because god forbid one is in the wash and I want to wear that color. If I'm hitting the mall I always go to Free People and a girl always buys her fancy bags at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills."

With raising your girls, blogging and being Hallmark's resident DIY expert, you've got a busy schedule! Where are your fave places to get R&R?
"My favorite place to just relax is at home on my couch in my 'house outfit': Ripped raglan sweatshirt and literally the ugliest sweats you have ever seen. My baby girls pile up on me, we turn on the TV and get some super comfy blankets and just watch I Love Lucy episodes over and over. It really is my happy place. On the weekends when I'm relaxing, my husband and I take the kids to Malibu and we hang out at the playground and get pulled pork sandwiches from the Malibu Country Mart. It never gets old."

Do you have any homemade go-to treatments for when you don't have time to go to a spa?
"Yes! I have a few at-home treatments that I love. I like to share them with my friends and readers, too, so I post them on in my DIY beauty section."

What LA designers are you loving right now?
"Right now I'm kind of obsessed with JET (John Eshaya) clothing. I'm in love with his screen-printed sweatshirts and his zipper back long sleeved tees. He uses bits of leather and mixes his materials and I think it's pretty awesome. The best way to describe his clothing is chic comfy. Everything looks super edgy and current, but it's comfortable and you want to wear it everyday. I wore his new screen printed pink heart sweatshirt four days this week. Shhh!"
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