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Racked Readers Relevéd and Pliéd to Bikini Bods at Xtend Barre

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When was the last time you actually smiled through an entire sweat sesh? It definitely happened at yesterday's Racked Fit Club class at XTend Barre, where we managed to both grin and grimace during our 55-minute workout with super sunny studio owner—and energetic Aussie!—Samantha Rabon. (Fun fact: did you know she was a lead soloist at the Moulin Rouge for 12 years?)

Throughout all bicep-burning and balance-testing stances (there's a reason why XTend's ethos is "dance and Pilates amplified"), our inspiring instructor kept us all en pointe with her non-stop words of encouragement and high-powered playlist. When things started getting real (standing on one leg requires deep concentration!), Rabon made sure we all still had a pulse with her pumpin' positivity and silly quips ("You guys still alive?") Before we made a beeline to our much-needed post-workout refreshers courtesy of Juice Served Here, Rabon's adorable dog Atlas congratulated the class on a job well done. See his perfect pose and more photos from our XTend Barre takeover after the jump.

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