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Swap Your Designer Clothes for Cash with LA Startup ReCloset

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Screenshot via ReCloset
Screenshot via ReCloset

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From Shop Hers to Closet Rich to Vaunte to Walk in My Closet, the options for unloading your closet castaways onto online consignment shops are abundant. As if swapping your pre-loved designer duds for dinero couldn't get any easier, new LA startup ReCloset is also joining the stylish resale scene, but they're simplifying the whole process by giving sellers cold-hard cash up front.

Many "fashion-only marketplace sites [...] have done a great job of building communities of fashion enthusiasts and separating clothes/shoes/etc. from the penny memorabilia and baseball cards on ebay. But I've found that tons of women want an even easier option," ReCloset founder Angela Ferrante tells us. Rather than acting as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, ReCloset simply buys your pre-owned clothing, shoes and accessories (think Rag & Bone, Miu Miu, etc.) up front, then sells the inventory on ebay and other channels—there's no need to wait for your item to sell, worry about shipping or calculate earnings, says Ferrante. Easy peasy, right?

As far as pricing goes, Ferrante tells us ReCloset offers "between 50 to 70% of the expected selling price" for in-season items. In addition, the LA-based startup is having a "reverse sample sale" next Saturday at Newport Beach boutique Bardot, where sellers not only earn cash for their unwanted gear, but they'll also score 15% off in store.

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