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Stone Cold Fox's LA-Made Bridal Line is for the Anti-Princess

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Images via Stone Cold Fox
Images via Stone Cold Fox

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If you idea of the perfect wedding dress is less royal heiress and more bohemian goddess, get to know Stone Cold Fox. The LA-based label known for its vintage vibes and sassy collabs recently rolled out a whimsical, made-to-order bridal collection that is what Kate Moss dreams are made of. The best part: all looks are produced right here in Los Angeles.

Whether you reside locally or live elsewhere, SFC will help you build your ideal look for a rather reasonable $1200 to $4000, depending on design intricacies. They can also craft custom bridesmaid dresses (hallelujah!) for $300 to $600. (Appointments take place in the brand's DTLA office and cost $100.) After learning pricing logistics, we sat down with designers Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand to hear more about their exciting launch, why princess-style wedding dresses get the boot and their worst bridezilla moment.

Why bridal?
"The idea first sparked when Cydney's sister got engaged and we were in the beginning stages of building Stone Cold Fox. We use a lot of lace and white silks, so bridal just seemed like a given. We ended up making her wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses, and we sort of built it from there."

What are your most-requested styles?
"One of our most popular gowns is the satin skirt with a lace trimmed train, matched with a lace bodice off-the-shoulder top. The two-piece wedding dress is really unique and a lot of girls are loving it—it's so flattering! We also have another dress that is super-low back, and is almost like a slip dress with a very Kate Moss-ish train. It shows off the body in a sexy yet classy way."

What bridal gown style are you so over?
"We just don't do the big, princess-style wedding dress. We really believe that your fiancé wants to see you in your best state, and that's your body naturally, not covered in layers of tulle! We really try to make dresses that are comfortable so girls can dance and feel like the best version of themselves."

How far in advance should a bride-to-be contact you for a dress?
"It usually takes around five months to make a dress. If they are out-of-state, we do it over email all the time as well."

Is it a collaborative process?
"Yes. We sometimes have girls come into our showroom in DTLA and they can try on the samples that we have here, and see the laces and swatches of different fabrics we provide. From there, they can see what silhouette looks best on their bodies. We allow slight customizations and work together to make a dress fit the best way possible."

Bridesmaid dresses can be pretty embarrassing, so thank goodness you're designing those, too!
"It's great that we make them because girls can wear the dress they pick over and over again. A lot of the dresses are already in our regular collection, but you can pick from our swatch book a custom color and really get what you want."

Have you had any bridezilla panic attacks yet?
"One time, a bride called us in a panic the day before her wedding. We guess her wedding dress was tailored wrong. Thank god we happened to have an extra for her to wear the next day! Poor girl. She ended up looking amazing."

What starlet from the past would you love to have dressed for their wedding?
"Bianca Jagger to Mick Jagger! Even though she looked amazing in that white suit, it would have been so cool to make a dress for her."

Since you live in Venice, where are some of your favorite places to eat, drink and play in the area?
"We love Gjelina, Tasting Kitchen, Wabi Sabi, Oscars and Axe for brunch!"

If you're looking to become a SCF Bride, email for appointments and questions.
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