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Curvy Greek Women Inspired Christos Garkinos' New HSN Line

Images via HSN
Images via HSN

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Christos Garkinos is a man of many hats. As if the Decades co-owner, reality star, shoe expert and spanakopita pro didn't already have a full plate, he just launched an exclusive collection with HSN called Eureka by Christos Garkinos, which caters to women of all sizes.

We sat down with the Greek-American fashion star to learn more about his debut line, priced between $59.50 to $119.90. And although he's a major promoter of his wonderful heritage, we learned that Garkinos also has some serious love for LA, claiming our city is "the prime driver of fashion." We couldn't agree more!

How did the collaboration with HSN come about?
"This collaboration has been 25 years in the making for me. My first credit card purchase was for pillows from HSN! I've been obsessed with them ever since. Once my TV show aired it gave me a platform to go and pitch my line. And they loved it."

What was your main source of inspiration?
"The inspiration comes from my sister and all of the fabulous Greek women with whom I grew up. The fashion industry screeches to a halt at size 12, so I really wanted to create a collection that would work for women of all sizes."

Do you think the fashion world lacks stylish clothing for larger women?
"Yes, indeed. I remember going to a major retailer with my sister and we had to leave the women's building and cross the street to the men's so she could find her size! It was on the eighth floor, very dark and with no ambiance. That's when my light bulb went off."

What are your thoughts on LA style compared to other cities?
"I think Los Angeles is the prime driver of fashion at the moment. With its red carpet influence, and proximity to Asia, LA is in the driver's seat."

Would you ever design a collection for men?
"In a minute!"
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