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L'Ermitage Hotel's Bev Hills Centennial Suite Toasts the 1970s

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You didn't think Beverly Hills' 100th birthday bash would stop at just a big flower float and a bunch of party favors, did you? We had a feeling the bougie 'nabe wouldn't forget fashion during their fancy schmancy festivities, and the 90210 tapped a host of boutique hotels to go retro in honor of their Centennial celebration. The result: Uber ritzy rooms that each pay homage to a stylish decade in history and its fashion, culture, icons and more.

Seeing as the Golden Globes-winning American Hustle has everyone digging the days of disco, the L'Ermitage Hotel decked out its special Suite 100 with pop art by the iconic Andy Warhol, vintage fashion from the archives of legendary designer Halston—including a leather dress worn by actress Amy Adams in the aforementioned film—an iPad-powered photobooth and more. Dreamed up by interior designer Ken Fulk, the 1970s-themed room will cost guests $1,914—cleverly priced after the year of Bev Hills' founding—and offers add-ons like a personal mixologist or photographer ($500 each for two hours) and a glamorous black car service (in a Rolls-Royce Corniche, natch) for $1,500 to $3K.

We took a peek inside the room during the hotel's Studio 54-inspired bash, which included a Bianca Jagger-inspired moment—see more in the gallery after the jump.

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