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Peter Pilotto x Target: Shoes and Accessories Left Untouched

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This morning at 8am, the Peter Pilotto x Target collab officially lands in stores. Below, Racked LA associate editor Danielle Directo-Meston reports live from the #Pilottorama at Target West Hollywood.

8:05am: And we're off! No crowd control this time around.

8:07am: Nobody is grabbing accessories, including sunnies or shoes.

8:09am: Seems people are not impressed with the quality of the sweatshirts, and nobody cares about the totes.

8:10am: Staff says no purchase limits, but it seems there won't be a problem.

8:13am: Shoppers are annoyed that there are no matching bottoms for the black and white swim tops in store. Major bummer!

8:15am: Restocking time. Staff just bought out more red dresses, maxi skirts and rompers.

8:19am: Staff is super nice, giving shoppers sizes as they restock.

8:20am: Shoppers are reaching mostly for the dresses and long sleeve tops and sweaters, and there are plenty of sizes left in tanks and short sleeve tops.

8:22am: Most small sizes are gone.

8:30am: One shopper's haul above. People are saying they're ditching about half of everything they're grabbing in the dressing rooms.

8:35am: Word from the dressing room is that sizing runs slightly large.

8:40am: Uh oh, drama in the dressing room! Someone hijacked another shopper's dressing room with her clothing inside.

8:41am: We're out.

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