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Meet the Stylish Gals Behind LA's Coolest New Health Blog

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Tara Sowlaty and Jessie Groveman. Image via How You Glow.
Tara Sowlaty and Jessie Groveman. Image via How You Glow.

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Whether it's discovering natural linen aprons with actress Shiva Rose or tasting edible flowers with designer Heidi Merrick, we love when fashionable tastemakers tap into their inner granola child. The latest platform to highlight life's Goop-y moments is How You Glow, a new health and wellness site brought to us by two Angelenos.

Founded by natural food chef/holistic nutritionist Tara Sowlaty and yoga instructor/art therapist Jessie Groveman, the hub is filled with food and lifestyle tips, as well as profiles on unique shops like Otherwild and Roseark. Here, we checked in with the girls to learn more about their new venture and where they plan to take HYG next. (Hint: a boutique/yoga studio might be in the works.)

Besides the celeb factor, why is health such a hot topic in our city?
Jessie: "LA is the mecca for health and wellness. The lifestyle and landscape lends itself to living a natural, active lifestyle. Also, the daily farmer's markets around the city and the variety of gyms, yoga studios, hiking trails and beaches make for a healthy existence here."

What inspired you to launch your site?
Tara: "A desire to create a community and a shared wealth of knowledge based on what makes people radiate good energy and beauty from the inside out. And we all know that everyone wants to know 'how you glow!'"

What are your relationships with fashion and how do they relate to wellness?
Jessie: "Feeling good begins on the inside, but it does not end there. Fashion is a huge source of my glow; wearing the right outfit can make you feel like the best version of yourself. I've always wanted to have an amazing boutique attached to a yoga studio."

Tara: "Fashion, style, health and beauty are a huge part of my life. I used to run my own fashion line a few years back, and it's the creativity of it all that truly inspires me. My obsession with aesthetics, design, and all things beauty drives me and really makes want to make a transformative change in the health world. I think that no matter what we do in life, we can always make it look beautiful. And that yoga/boutique/food studio Jessie is talking about is definitely in the plans for How You Glow."

Image via @howyouglow/Instagram.

Who have you most been excited to feature on the site so far?
Tara: "We're honestly so thrilled about every single person we've chosen to feature! Both of us are obsessed with food, so we are particularly excited when get the chance to feature anyone involved in the culinary sphere. It's always a special treat when we get to cook with someone in their own home, and we love getting to eat the food they make!"

What other tastemaker interviews can we expect in the future?
Jessie: "What's so special about How You Glow is that the possibilities are endless. We interview tastemakers and gurus that span from beauty to healing to food and just about every creative industry out there. We are following the glow, wherever it may lead us. Expect to learn a wide variety of new amazing ways to glow."

Who are your LA health muses?
Both: "Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP is a huge inspiration."

Jessie: "David Otto (owner and founder of Beverly Hills Juice) is the OG health nut."

Tara: "Oh and Ayurvedic healer, Martha."

Where do you guys like to shop and healthy eat in LA?
Both: "Erewhon Market, Farmer's Markets (Melrose, Brentwood and Santa Monica), Beverly Hills Juice and Moon Juice."

Tara: "How You Glow kitchen has been whipping up some healthy eats for sure, and also pho spots like 9021Pho or NongLa, sushi spots like Jinpachi or Izakaya, Cafe Gratitude, and A Votre Sante."

Jessie: "Inaka and M Cafe for macrobiotic deliciousness."
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