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Lupita Nyong'o Loves Avocado Oil & LA Masseur Derek Cardoza

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Last night, an eclectic group of gilded jewelry junkies gathered at Chateau Marmont's Selma House to toast Lupita Nyong'o. Hosted by the World Gold Council's LoveGold initiative, the swank soirée featured appearances by artsy filmmaker Liz Goldwyn, star jeweler Pamela Love and more notables, all in attendance to catch a glimpse of Hollywood's most talked-about Academy Awards nominee.

It wasn't difficult to spot Nyong'o, who emerged from the swarming crowd in a sassy, electric blue Stella McCarney dress (with matching eyeshadow!) and gold Elena Votsi gems to sit down with Racked LA for a quick chat. Here, the 12 Years a Slave star reveals how she maintains her glowing skin, what being a top style icon feels like and who owns LA's most "miraculous hands."

Can you give us a tiny hint about your Oscars dress?
"We'll, it's definitely a dress! I know that's a really tiny hint, but it's actually a very significant one."

We'll take it. So, what's your secret to flawless skin?
"I use a lot of natural oils—like avocado oil and Hawaiian kukui oil—and try to drink lots of water. I think your skin really needs to be nourished from the inside rather than outside, so eating right and drinking water really goes a long way. I'm very low-maintenance."

We hear that's why your hair is short, too.
"Definitely. I don't want to be in front of the mirror for two hours before I leave the house every day."

Within the last year, you've skyrocketed to style star. How does that feel?
"I take it very humbly. It's not anything that I was intending—it's something that has been bestowed upon me. My focus is my acting, so this is just a bonus. It's a great honor to be considered a style icon, but it's not my main focus, and I don't want it to ever be."

Do you have any pre-red carpet rituals?
"I always, always get a massage. I work with a guy here in Los Angeles named Derek Cardoza. He is so awesome and has the most miraculous hands. I hope no one ever takes him away from me!"
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Selma House

8091 Selma Ave, Los Angeles 90028