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Ashley Paige "Rather Strip" Than Go Back to Her Sunset Shop

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Remember when Ashley Paige suddenly ditched her Warhol-inspired Sunset digs last fall because she "felt nothing"? Looks like the celeb-beloved swimwear designer still has no regrets, because she recently shared her satisfaction on Instagram.

"Yup , I'd rather strip !!!" is the caption that accompanies the above photo of Paige kicking up her lucite heels while looking at her shuttered space, which still features her neon signage. (Wonder why she didn't take that with her.) She posted a zoomed-in version of the same photo a day later, which triggered a follower to say that she "should have kept that place." Her adamant response: "I don't want it back. I'm happy. I'd rather die."

Geez. Well, since Paige is clearly not taking it back, who do you think should scoop up the space?
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Ashley Paige

7501 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood CA, 90046