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Blue Is the Coolest Color for a Handmade Leather Pouch

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Today's pick comes from Racked editorial director Izzy Grinspan.

Yves Klein medium pouch by Tracey Tanner, $69 at Zady

Blue is my favorite color, and Yves Klein blue is my favorite blue, so of course I'm wildly attracted to this cute little pouch from Tracey Tanner. Handmade in Brooklyn from Italian leather, it sounds like it should cost a bundle, but you can get it at ethical online marketplace Zady for only $69. As the Zady team points out, it's technically a cosmetics bag, but it could easily double as a clutch. Personally, I plan to fill it with useful odds and ends and toss it into my giant leather tote—the one that eats useful odds and ends if I don't keep everything carefully categorized.
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