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People at Art Shows Is Not Just Another Street Style Blog

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After indulging in the retail therapy schadenfreude that is Miserable Men, perhaps you'll need something to lift your sartorial spirits? If you're looking for yet another inspo source to add to your street style scrolling list, get acquainted with People at Art Shows, a new Tumblr and Instagram that documents, as you've guessed, people at art shows.

Created by LA-based street artist Cali Killa and NYC-based photog Mike Furst with contributions from Denver-based photog Domenic Etre, the photographic compendium of each city's art crowds "looks at the people who look at art, from crazy outfits to crazy people, creepy people to famous people." It's both genius and a no-brainer, which makes us wonder why the heck we didn't think of it first, because who isn't snap-happy when it comes to sharing all things wonderful and weird with the rest of the Internet?

After the jump, see a few snaps from the style stalker site and find out what makes it different from the rest of those fashion blogs.

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