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Rashida Jones' Holistic Fitness Routine Involves Sauna Pods

Image via Firm Body Evolution
Image via Firm Body Evolution

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2015 is next year, and we're still holding out hope for those flying cars—but we've still got sorta stylish Google Glass and Nike's self-tying sneakers, no? Who knew the way of the future would be in our workouts, as evidenced by West Hollywood spa and studio Firm Body Evolution, which is helping celebs get red-carpet ready this awards season with with the help of hi-tech contraptions like whole body vibration machines. It might sound all hippie dippie, but we're especially intrigued since Parks and Recs star-turned-designer Rashida Jones—hardly a hardcore flower child in our books—is just one stylish star who digs their futuristic and holistic approach to wellness and fitness.

We spoke to founder Joseph Harounian to find out more about Tinseltowners' top treatments. While he's sworn secrecy on exactly who gets what, he tells us the infrared sauna pods are a big hit among celebs: "What they really like about it—other than the toning and the firming—is how it improves their skin. You get a great glow after the infrared sauna," he says, and it gets clients "looking and feeling better from the inside and out."

Harounian also tells us FBE's new 10/20/30 Method (10 minutes on the thigh-busting Helix Lateral Trainer, 20 minutes on that body vibration machine and 30 minutes in the sauna) which reportedly burns up to 600 calories an hour, is also popular among their celebrity clientele. "They love the fact that it's only one hour, they're getting their fitness, detox and relaxation done. There's really no other method there that covers all three; it's usually only fitness, or wellness or detox." The program is "quick, easy, low impact and very effective," making it a fave among celeb clients who live busy lifestyles, Harounian tells us.

Intrigued? In addition to offering body composition analysis and food sensitivity blood tests, the studio's other out-of-this-world R&R services include lymphatic compression massages.
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