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Snapping the perfect selfie is essential to every LA blogstar's success, and Los Angeles mag has a guide of sorts that's practically written for aspiring fashion bloggers seeking style star status. (Possibly, maybe.) Rather than commemorate the moment with the usual all-smiles photo like the rest of the selfie-taking masses, writer Kyle Fitzpatrick (who also pens local blog fave LA, I'm Yours) suggests making your snap "the most indulgent, the most ridiculous, the most absurd selfie in the selfie canon." Sample suggestions: Instead of taking a pic outside of Grauman's, opt for a shot in front of the Cinerama Dome, or score max Angeleno street cred by snapping yourself "outside of the private screening room at the SoHo House." Other must-selfie spots include Randy's Donuts, former mayoral candidate Angelyne's pink Corvette (we hear she's easy to find) and Banksy's "Parking" piece at Tarina Tarantino's Sparkle Factory in DTLA. [LA Mag]