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Brad Goreski on Designing, Post-Its, Red Carpet Predictions, More

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Image via Post-it Brand
Image via Post-it Brand

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We know what you're thinking: Star stylist Brad Goreski and little colorful pads of paper—What the what? Take a moment and it all makes perfect sense. As the exclusive brand stylist for Kate Spade, the Bravo reality star certainly lives up to the playful label's "Live Colorfully" mantra, and he's prepared to further that mission one sticky square at a time with Post-it Notes' travel-inspired Colors of the World collection.

"I'm all about making the world as colorful as possible," globetrotting Goreski tells us of the line, which was inspired by the vibrant styles and cultures of Bangkok, Mykonos, New York and Rio de Janeiro. "Color is something that's always around me and with Kate Spade. It's something so firmly ingrained in the DNA of their brand and within myself and my own personal style, so working with the Post-it brand just made sense."

Yesterday, we caught up with the LA-based celeb stylist to chat about his latest collab, his red carpet predictions, the possibility of his own fashion collection and much more. Read on after the jump.

What inspired you to work with the Post-it Brand, and how do they fit in with fashion?
"For me and a lot of other designers travel is a source of inspiration [...Mykonos is] my favorite vacation destination [while] New York is my home away from home. I use [Post-it Notes] so much, whether we're color-coding the racks when we have multiple clients coming in for fittings. It's a great way to get organized."

Do you have any nostalgic memories of the brand?
"For me it was taking a pad of Post-its and making a fringy mini dress, I was probably in high school—about 15 or 16, when you're really having fun with fashion."

That's hilarious. So what would LA's Post-it color scheme be?
"Oooh, I think ours would be like the colors of an LA sunset. I think we would have a little bit of blue and little bit of the fiery orange that we get; definitely green for the palms, maybe there's a silver Post-it Note or a gold Post-it for the glamour of Hollywood!"

Okay, and what would your Post-it Note color scheme look like?
"Oh my goodness, they would be so bright you'd need to put sunglasses on!"

We love it already. What else have you been up to?
"I was just in New York for NYFW and styled the Kate Spade NY presentation; I managed to see a couple of shows and I have some projects in the works that I can't talk about yet! I also relaunched my website, it's super fun and we've been posting some really silly stuff on there just for people to get a further insight into my world."

Let's talk the Academy Awards, which is coming up next month. What are your red carpet predictions?
"Well, NYFW just wrapped up and we're seeing a lot of gowns on the runways. I think American Hustle has a had a little bit of inspiration on designers; and Bianca Jagger, Studio 54 ['s going to be] lots of colors, lots of metallics."

Anyone in particular you're looking forward to seeing?
I'm always interested to see what Cate Blanchett is gonna wear, being fashion forward and elegant but experimental at the same time. I love Julia Roberts, so I'm excited to see what she'll be wearing as well."

How about LA designers—who are you into right now?
"Michael Costello I've really been loving, his collections have been looking great. I also love Jenni Kayne, I think she's fantastic."

On the topic of LA, our fashion week is coming up next month. What are your thoughts?
"LAFW was one of the first fashion weeks I went to, there's a lot forgotten talent here. [...] I think any chance for a young designer—no matter where they are, here or South Carolina or Atlanta or wherever—any opportunity to show your craft, it doesn't really matter. And California casual cool style [like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or Nicole Richie] is something that's really permeated the mass consciousness; it's a style that people want to replicate."

Now that you've designed glasses and partnered with Post-its, can we expect to see a clothing collection any time soon?
"I'm not opposed to it; I'd definitely love to design my own collection [but] I have so many things going on right now. I'm really focusing on my styling and working with Kate Spade. My schedule is pretty busy right now, but there's definitely something on the horizon!"
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