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Vacays, Organic Pet Food: Inside the $55K Oscars Swag Bag

Image via Walk Japan
Image via Walk Japan

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These days, it seems scoring a coveted awards nomination just isn't enough for Hollywood hopefuls and heavy-hitters alike. Over the last 15 years, the "losers" have been treated to some of the most pricy consolation prizes, and this year's 86th Academy Awards is no different. Behind all that spendy swag is LA-based marketing firm Distinctive Assets, who filled this year's goodie bag with over $55,000 worth of freebies, including everything from herbal lollipops to weight loss gummies to $6K worth of natural pet food donations.

Topping off the this year's big-ticket items are a $15,000 personalized walking tour of Japan, a $9K "Best of Vegas" package (penthouse suites, show tickets and, uh, meet-and-greets with Boyz II Men), and a $4K adventure in the Canadian Rockies. If that's not enough for non-winners to drown their sorrows, celebs can lift their spirits with Aviv 613 vodka from Israel (it's "infused with spiritually-positive energy"), drench their fancy plates with a $250 bottle of organic maple syrup, burn it all off with $850 worth of private training, then relax with a $500 aromatherapy and massage sesh (house call, of course).

We know what you're thinking: How do all these pricey products get bagged? We asked DA founder Lash Fary about how brands get picked for the ultimate boobie prize pack.

"The selection process is a two-way street," Fary tells us. "Hundreds of brands certainly submit themselves for consideration, and my team actively solicits hundreds of brands as well. We are always seeking a balance of useful and unique, expensive and affordable, expected and newsworthy."

And yes, brands need the big bucks to play ball. DA also handled this year's Grammys gifting suite, where a spot in the lounge cost could cost as much as $25K, Fary told OK! magazine. In addition, Fary tells us he and his team also consider "category exclusivity (first come first served) and whether or not we think it would be used by celebs. The latter has nothing to do with pricetag."
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