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Clare Vivier's "Grown-Up" Xmas Gift Sparked Her Love for Motown

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Remember that one Christmas or Hanukkah gift you always wanted as a kid? Be it a Tickle Me Elmo or My Little Pony, your entire life revolved around that item, and nothing could stop you from receiving it—except maybe your parents. Just like last year, we're asking LA style stars to reveal their best childhood wishes. This is All I Wanted For Christmas.

Photo courtesy of Clare Vivier

We already knew Clare Vivier was too cool for school, but this just about seals the deal. The LA-based accessories designer clearly was an awesome child, so much so that a gift she received by mistake accidentally turned into her favorite thing. Read on to learn how Motown has forever elevated her musical palette.

I remember this one Christmas back in Minnesota, where I must have been eight or so, and I got a box set of Motown Records. The gift so clearly wasn't meant for me as I'd never expressed any desire for it or any music, or maybe they'd just forgotten to get me something else, but I happened to just love it. I was so proud to get what I thought of as a 'grown-up' gift. I put them straight on the record player and I listened to those songs nonstop. My love for Diana Ross, Jackson Five, and others has never died, and I'm pretty sure it was formative in my music taste overall.

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