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Clashist's Heather Lipner Loves Falling Into Internet Rabbit Holes

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Of all the people you'd want to pick your holiday present, stylish tech maven Heather Lipner should probably at the top of your list. The pro product curator behind addictive accessories e-shop Uncovet (currently on hiatus) is also the mastermind behind Clashist, a new meme-worthy basics brand known for its hyperfandom of pop culture heroes like Lena Dunham, James Franco, and Johnny Depp circa the '90s. The brand just rolled out a line of holiday wrapping papers, and we hear a major project with a big brand is also in the works. (Who could it be? Stay tuned!)

But before all of that, the Chicago-bred entrepreneur tells us her tendencies towards total infatuation began with music in high school. "It was the first thing I became incredibly obsessed with," Lipner tell us, and she'd consume all details about bands and its members. "I've also always been really interested in the internet," she adds. After earning her economics degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, she fused her two passions and began designing websites and managing musicians's online presences, followed by stints at various design agencies and a position as Myspace's creative director during its rebranding phase.

We met up with the LA-based multi-hyphenate over juice at Nekter in Santa Monica, where we found picked her brain on her secret to finding great music, her latest noteworthy beauty finds both obscure and mainstream, and much more.

What are you drinking today?
I'm drinking a Ginger Skinny. I remember when I first tried it, I hated ginger. Now I love it, I think it's the best. Maybe my palette changed; I like spicier things now.

Favorite rainy-day activity?
This probably sounds really geeky, but just staying in bed and being on the internet. I really like researching; I like surfing the web, I like seeing what's out there and all the little subcultures. I like the rabbit hole.

What was the last internet black hole you fell into?
I fell into a rabbit hole around gory, bloody guts sort of stuff. It was on Tumblr—it was literally gory, like blood and guts and crazy stuff. I was like, 'Oh my god, there's so many weird subcultures.'

What was your first concert?
It was the Counting Crows. I was a freshman in high school; it would have been '93 or '94. [Editor's Note: Looks like Heather and Odylyne's Stephanie Lampkin should have a chat?]

What's your go-to beauty product?
I feel like now that I'm 34 years old, I have my beauty stuff completely down. A new thing that I just found is a scalp exfoliator by Philip Kingsley at Violet Grey. My hair's been much bigger and fuller and cleaner. There's one thing that I've been using since I was literally 12 years old; it's Neutrogena's Clear Pore toner, it keeps your pores clear [from] dirt or residue; it's seriously the only thing I've been using for forever and it still works.

Who's your current style icon?
I like [Leandra Medine of] Man Repeller; I think that she is great because she did something for the industry in that being bold can still be fashionable and done in a sophisticated manner. I don't read her blog necessarily but her pictures are all over the internet.

Do you prefer vanilla or chocolate?
Chocolate. I like mint with chocolate—Thin Mint cookies, or mint Milanos, mint chocolate chip ice cream, anything like that.

Spring or fall?
Fall. I like layering [and] being cozy and comfortable. You have so many more options as far as how to make your outfit when you have more items.

What was the last purchase you regretted?
Maybe this jacket [by Veda]. For a while it was a complete regret because it was so stiff and uncomfortable. I got it four years ago and I never wore it. I took so long—I wore it once one winter and once another [time], and now it's on my fourth year and I'm [finally] wearing it more.

What's your favorite source for finding new music?
I have a music club, it's invite-only. Basically it's an email list and whenever someone has a song that they like, they just share it to the [group] email address and everyone on that list gets it. Every day or every other day you'll get a song from someone who you most likely don't know. You have to request to be invited. [Editor's Note: You can shoot Heather an email here for consideration.] There's also a couple of sources that I generally go to: [indie radio station] KXLU's podcast and the World's Best Ever Sound Advice.
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