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Local Style Stars Say There's Hope for LA Fashion Week

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Just like last year and the year before that, we've tapped a handful of influential Angelenos to weigh in on 2014's greatest hits and misses. We've already highlighted LA's best stores, coolest brands, and most-wanted shops, top 'hoods, best buys, regrettable purchases, fashion descriptions, and worst trends. Now, let's see if Racked friends say yay or nay to LAFW.

Mila Hermanovski at last year's GenArt showcase. Image via

Shareen Mitchell, Shareen Vintage owner: "Yay. Why not. We should celebrate the work."

Jayne Min, Stop It Right Now blogger: "I would appreciate LA Fashion Week more if it didn't try to compete with other fashion weeks. LA as a city and LA's fashion is relaxed and casual, it doesn't need glitz and glamour and the whole circus."

Brigham Yen, DTLA Rising blogger: "Yay because we need to foster and really build pride in the amazing talent we have here in LA."

Kelsi Smith, Stylesmith blogger: "Nay! Just kidding. Yay, obviously. Los Angeles Fashion Week is finding its feet. Our goal with LAFC and now Fashion Week L.A. has never been to become New York or mimic what they dol our niche is in emerging design, much like London was in the '80s and early '90s. It's an exciting time to be a designer in LA with the international fashion world paying more attention than ever and I only expect things to get bigger and better in 2015 and look forward to getting more prominent individuals in the LA fashion world involved."

Heather Lipner, Clashist founder: "Nay."

Lucy Akin, Super Street founder: "I say yay. I think LA has evolved into a place of inspiration for a lot of fashion creatives and if we could somehow all get together and make it happen, then I say yay!"

Gabriela Artigas, Gabriela Artigas Jewelry designer: No comment.

Paul C. Witt, Wittmore owner: "Well, If we have a LA Fashion Week it should be done differently than catwalk shows."
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