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Bucket Hats and More of This Year's Regrettable Purchases

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Just like last year and the year before that, we've tapped a handful of influential Angelenos to weigh in on 2014's greatest hits and misses. We've already highlighted LA's best stores, coolest brands, most-wanted shops, top 'hoods, and best buys. Now, let's talk about the not-so-good buys.

Tommy Hilfiger spring 2011 via Getty Images.

Shareen Mitchell, Shareen Vintage owner: "My useless health insurance policy."

Lucy Akin, Super Street founder: "A yellow leather bucket hat. Although I love a bucket hat, they just don't work on me. It was a very regrettable purchase."

Heather Lipner, Clashist founder: "This Thakoon Addition lambskin tweed jacket. If anyone wants it, I have a size 4 and only wore it two to three times. Email me at if interested!"

Jayne Min, Stop It Right Now blogger: "No regrets!"

Kelsi Smith, Stylesmith blogger: "Can I say the fried chicken I bought in Tokyo that left me sick for a month? That was pretty regrettable. Otherwise REGRETTE RIEN."

Gabriela Artigas, Gabriela Artigas Jewelry designer: "Nothing! We love everything we buy."

Paul C. Witt, Wittmore owner: "Green suede shoes. I never wear them."
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