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Jeweler Irene Neuwirth's Childhood Wish Was a Farm Animal

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Remember that one Christmas or Hanukkah gift you always wanted as a kid? Be it a Tickle Me Elmo or My Little Pony, your entire life revolved around that item, and nothing could stop you from receiving it—except maybe your parents. Just like last year, we're asking LA style stars to reveal their best childhood wishes. This is All I Wanted For Christmas.

Image courtesy of Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth has been a hometown hero for many, many years. After scoring a spot as a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist back in 2008, the exquisite jewelry purveyor continued draping her gems on big-name stars like Jennifer Aniston, quickly establishing herself as a red carpet go-to. After years of crossing our fingers, this October Neuwirth finally opened her first shop on Melrose Place, which is now firmly placed on our adornments hit list.

While one would think that Neuwirth has always had an affinity for the fabulous life, all she wanted to do as a kid was hang with a certain farm animal of the oinking variety.

When I was a kid I really, really, REALLY wanted a pot belly pig. Never got one; my dad said one messy piglet was enough for our family!

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