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The Fashion Club is Inspired by the Hollywood Hills & Shanghai

Images via The Fashion Club
Images via The Fashion Club

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Ever since landing on our bargain-hunting radars last year, LA-based label The Fashion Club has been rising steadily in the style scene. Founded by girl-about-town Lulu Chang, the edgy minimalist label (gift ideas, anyone?) has already graced the frames of style stars like Lucky mag head honcho Eva Chen (who apparently discovered the designer at a local nail salon), OC-bred beauty Soo Joo Park, and style bloggers Camille Rushanaedy of Childhood Flames and Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes, to name a few.

In addition to making its NYFW debut this fall, the brand has rolled out its spring/summer collection of Eastern-inspired wardrobe staples with a Western twist, including pieces punctuated with a very iconic orange hue. Priced from $60 to $1580, fall-ready standouts include this unexpected seamless tee ($60), this cropped collared tie shirt ($265), and this oversized water-resistant nylon coat ($495), among others—all shoppable on TFC's relaunched site. We got to know the Shanghai-born, SF-bred, and now LA-based designer Chang; up ahead, find out more and see additional looks from the line.

What inspired you to start the line and name it The Fashion Club?
Originally, when I first started the label, I knew I wanted it to be something bigger than myself. So I didn't want to just use my name. One of the reasons I'm so drawn to creating is because you aren't limited to your own point of view. Nowadays, "buying into" a brand is much less about trends and more about a sense of tribalism—feeling like you belong.

When I interned for Alexander Wang I saw firsthand just how powerful a brand you could create just by tapping into your girl and getting your girl just right.

How has the Eastern world inspired your designs?
Well I born in Shanghai and moved to San Francisco when I was very young. I never really connected to that side of my upbringing until my first year at UC Berkeley and have been taking frequent trips back to China ever since. I'm heavily inspired by the way Shanghainese girls dress. Like my cousin's wife, who wears no black whatsoever but a combination of pale neutrals like dove gray and nude, presented in a very nineties way. It's subversive but not; strange but hyper chic.

What's been the biggest surprise amongst your followers in Asian countries?
That they find us! We have customers from Taiwan to Hong Kong to Australia where there is a diaspora of cool Asian girls. There is actually a diaspora of cool Asian girls allover the world and I want them all to wear The Fashion Club.

Where do you go in LA to find inspiration?
The collection is designed out of a 900-square-foot-studio in the Hollywood Hills. The windows are large enough to frame our view of palm trees and we play Witch House music. It's all white plaster and light-colored wood. Very Donald Judd. Back in San Francisco, you can live at the top of the hill and it could be a shack. But in LA, to climb the hill is both a metaphorically and physically evolving space. To move slowly up the hill is to say, you've made it.

Otherwise, I love what's happening at LACMA right now. The abstract painting, Larry Sultan, and Pierre Huyghe special exhibits are especially good.

Lastly, where are some of your favorite spots to shop in LA?
Barneys for shoes, Violet Grey for makeup, Le Labo for scents, Larchmont Beauty for apothecary stuff (the best!) and I just discovered Collection on Sunset for interesting designer vintage.
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