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Exclusive: Rumi Neely on Designing Her Dream Wardrobe

Photos courtesy of Rumi Neely
Photos courtesy of Rumi Neely

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Rumi Neely has done more than just pave the way for today's top bloggers. A style icon since Fashiontoast first launched six years ago, the LA-based blogging vet singlehandedly created the minimalist movement, showcasing how to expertly blend futuristic designer basics with nostalgic '90s silhouettes. That's why it comes as no surprise that the 31-year-old has finally launched her own clothing line, offering fans a chance to mimic her simplified luxury minus the sticker shock. This is Are You Am I.

Launching online this Friday, December 12th complete with a meet-and-greet at The Grove's Revolve pop-up the following day, Neely's debut clothing line is as Rumi as it gets. We're talking the easiest breezy essentials that you'll want to wear forever, ranging from $90 tanks to $300 leather pieces. Here, Neely walks us through her collection's lookbook while revealing why she went solo and the "badass French person" she'd love to see in her designs.

What sparked your interest in creating a clothing line now?
Having my own line was a complete fantasy of mine and this year everything just aligned to the point that it was actually possible to begin that journey. I have such specific things I want and mostly don't find when I'm looking for new pieces that when it came to designing the exact white T-shirt or leather skirt or triangle bra it was basically a no-brainer. The idea behind it is that I'm creating my ideal wardrobe of really special pieces that can be worn into the ground. Morning, day, night, and even to bed.

Why did you go solo instead of creating a capsule for a brand?
I've been really privileged to work with so many brands that I love and respect deeply, but as a blogger it's a very special and freeing thing to be the only creative voice with a final say on everything, from strap widths and fabric weights to packaging and labels. These are really special pieces in heavy silk, painstakingly selected cottons, and the softest leather that will stay relevant from season to season. A key tenet of Are You Am I is that it's utterly uncompromised and as luxurious as possible without being totally insane.

The collection definitely has an LA vibe. Was that an inspiration?
Every day I think about how lucky I am to have traveled so much but I'm unmistakably a California creature. Like, utterly. The vibe here is really casual so it's important to really have that perfect slightly pajama-ish short to wear out with a vintage T-shirt or an easy slipdress you can throw on with espadrilles with very little brain exertion. So these things were very much in the forefront of my mind when conceptualizing the brand. At the same time, I'm excited to branch out into creating chunky knits and the perfect biker jacket, because seasons. So those pieces are definitely going to happen.

Who would you die to see in your line?
I'm so excited to see a full spectrum of girls wearing it and making it their own. And I also just want to dress my friends and my super-cute mom. But I'll say Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. And maybe a badass French person like Lou Doillon.

Shop the collection with Rumi this Saturday, December 13th at The Grove's Revolve pop-up from 1 to 4pm.
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