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Alex Wang x H&M: Wang-Hards Hit Bev Center Bright & Early

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This morning at 8am, the Alexander Wang x H&M collab officially lands in stores. Below, Racked LA associate editor Danielle Directo-Meston reports live from the madness at H&M Beverly Center.

7am: We're here bright and early, just in time for wristbands! The first diehards (Wang-hards?) queued up last night. That's dedication.

7:04am: We scored entry for 8:45 to 9am, so we're in the third wave of shoppers.

7:06am: This collab is a hit with the dudes. There's about one guy for every six ladies.

7:08am: People are definitely ready for it. Lots of people in activewear and some even in crop top-and-pants combos. Good morning, indeed.

7:11am: We're moving! Staff is leading the line into the mall. People seem pumped by their relative levels of awakeness.

7:15am: Alexander Wang crashed the party, literally. Everyone's trying to see what's left online but H&M's site is down.

7:24am: So far, the perforated top/dress is number one on people's lists. They're also digging the bags and the sports bras. Those items went quick at last night's pre-launch shopping event, and they'll like go fast today.

7:45am: Success! A few people were able to buy items online. Pro tip: add your fave piece and head immediately to checkout; the site's been finicky so people are buying one piece at a time.

8:00am: Aaaaand here we go. The first group is in! The super-helpful staff is handing out shopping bags to eager folks. Everyone seems pretty caffeinated now.

8:20am: Time's up! The first group just finished, and from what we can see staff is cleaning up before wave two. We're still outside of the store, and everyone waiting in line inside seems to getting their game faces ready.

8:25am: Another linegoer says her first is at the Sunset Boulevard store and it's absolute insanity there. They left the house at the same time and her friend made it into the fourth group.

8:30am: The second group is in! We're inching towards the front entrance. So close!


8:33am: We're in! 15 minutes 'til showtime. The DJ is blasting Justin Timberlake remixes and shoppers definitely seem like they're moving to the beat.
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Beverly Center

8500 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048