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Alex Wang x H&M: Bags, Bras, Dresses First to Go

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This morning at 8am, the Alexander Wang x H&M collab officially lands in stores. Below, Racked LA associate editor Danielle Directo-Meston reports live from the madness at H&M Beverly Center.

The lone bra left on the rack.

8:50am: Off we go! People are making a beeline for the dresses and they're now all gone.

8:55am: As expected, the sports bras, leggings, neoprene logo sweaters, and gym bags were also first to go.

8:56: Our time's up. Shoppers are now editing down their hauls and heading into the fitting rooms.

9am: Staff are grabbing additional sizes and pieces for shoppers since they're not allowed back into the shopping area. Generous shoppers are giving their go-backs to other people who missed out on the grab fest.

9:02am: People are also hanging out by the fitting rooms for first dibs on unwanted items. Strategy!

9:15am: Nobody's going wild for the jackets and pants. Shoes aren't a big hit either; seems like there are a good number of styles and sizes left.

9:20am: As far as men's merch, there are lots of jackets and pants left on the rack, but no logo sweaters. In general, there are a lot of basic tanks and tees left.

9:30am: Heading out!

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Beverly Center

8500 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048