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Atlas at Xtend Barre Is Always En Pointe

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Welcome to Racked's Pet Week: five days' worth of coverage for LA's most stylish furry friends.

After we relevéd and pliéd at Xtend Barre earlier back in March, we couldn't help but fall head over heels for Atlas, studio owner Samantha Rabon's adorable Jack Russell Terrier. Unsurprisingly, the nine-year-old pooch is quite the ladies's dog, Rabon tells us. He's known for "greeting everyone at the front door, then instantly rolling on his back," Rabon says. Quite the charmer, indeed. The nine-year-old pooch joined Rabon when she was living in Paris (did we mention her stint at the Moulin Rouge?), and except for the command "roll over," he only understands French. "He was my second Jack Russell at the time," the Australian-bred barre instructor says, "and he's a total jet-set Frenchy; [he grew up] on scooters in Paris to New York, Sydney, and now LA."

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