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Cute to Crazy: LA's Luckiest Pets and Their Famous Parents

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Welcome to Racked's Pet Week: five days' worth of coverage for LA's most stylish furry friends.

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Celebrities and their pets: They're just like us, except they're incredibly well-acquainted the sort of supreme pampering that the rest of LA's plebeian pets can only enjoy on special occasions. Given America's obsession with our city's starry citizens, it's no surprise that their four-legged family members would gain just as much devotion—especially when celebs turn to Instagram to profess love for their pets. From a surfing poodle to a jet-setting piglet, get to know a few of Hollywood's luckiest animals and their famous parents below.

Name: Eagle the horse
Celeb Parents: Nikki Reed & Ian Somerhalder
Claim to Fame: Adopted by the celeb couple in August, known as the Vampire Diaries actor's "baby boy."

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Name: Bubba Sue the pig
Celeb Parent: Miley Cyrus
Claim to Fame: The latest member of the Jeremy Scott collaborator's fast-growing entourage, which includes a very fluffy bunny and her Rough Collie, Emu (named after Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, JSYK.)

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Name: Kitty Purry (clever) the Tabby
Celeb Parent: Katy Perry
Claim to Fame: Scored a cameo in the Hello Kitty-obsessed singer's vid for her song, "Roar."

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Name: Walter Gene the Brussles Griffon
Celeb Parent: Ashley Benson
Claim to Fame: Adopted by the Pretty Little Liars star earlier this summer; loves riding in the front seat.

Name: Flash the poodle
Celeb Parent: Vanessa Hudgens
Claim to Fame: Can hold her own on a boogie board, as seen above.

Name: Fitz the Chihuahua
Celebrity Parent: Lauren Conrad
Claim to Fame: Guilt-tripping his parents before they go road-tripping, sitting in baskets, eating shoes.

Name: Prince Hilton the Pomeranian
Celeb Parent: Paris Hilton
Claim to Fame: The $13,000 Instagram star is apparently the world's smallest Pom.

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Name: We'll get back to you on that
Celeb Parent: Kylie Jenner
Claim to Fame: Getting 600K likes for their work as a Kardashian Klan Instagram prop

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