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Meet Owen & Wrigley, Moo Shoes's Furry Shoe Security

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Welcome to Racked's Pet Week: five days' worth of coverage for LA's most stylish furry friends.

New Silver Lake boutique Moo Shoes isn't just a haven for cruelty-free footwear and accessories—animal lovers will be happy to know that it's also a cool hangout for LA's most adorable shoe-obsessed security guards. Approximately three-year-old Owen Prescott Hamilton III (or you can just call him "Owen") is the Eastside shop's enthusiastic greeter, while two-year-old Wrigley brings the chill factor to the store.

Moo Shoes's husband-and-wife owners Katie Frichtel and Troy Farmer met Owen two years ago on New Year's Eve and fell in love immediately. "We're not usually great with spontaneity," Farmer tells us, but after seeing a friend's Facebook post about an adorable Golden Retriever mix up for adoption, "he seemed perfect." On January 1, 2013, Owen came home to the couple and their 14-year-old cat, Allister. Store employee Laura also unexpectedly adopted her Chihuahua, Wrigley, after warning a good-natured Craigslister on the dangers of listing free pets online. "I was looking for furniture, not dogs," she says,"[but then it] turned into me adopting Wrigley."

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