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Celeb Makeup Artist Fiona Stiles' New Beauty Site Offers Hard To Find Cult Favorites

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There's no denying the allure of a hard-to-find beauty item, with its old timey apothecary feel and quaint looking label often peppered with words like "tonic" or "tincture".

Well, cult beauty product fans rejoice, because Venice-based celebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles, (Jennifer Garner, Nicole Richie and Bella Heathcote are just a few of her regular clients), has done you all a favor by creating Reed Clarke, an online shopping destination that houses all of her most coveted products, most of which have a very limited distribution.

"I have always been a person that seeks out products, trying to find the amazing, obscure item on my travels or around town that will change how I work." says Stiles.

Some of the finds for sale on her newly launched site include, Lulu Organics Hair Powder, LA-based brands and items like Persephenie Mental Clarity Smelling Salts and Jouer's Tinted Moisturizer, plus, the somewhat obscure Ponaris Nasal Emollient, an item carried by astronauts in their medical kits and something Stiles swears by for preventing colds while traveling.

Now all you have to do is make some room in your makeup bag.

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