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Cleo Murnane Builds Blogger Brands & Amazing Hillside Homes in Silverlake

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"Building a brand" is such a loosely used term these days, but when it comes to actually creating one, particularly in Los Angeles, Cleo Murnane is the go-to girl for bloggers, boutiques and even budding nut butter companies.

As the creative director of Silverlake's Project M Plus, Murnane puts together the look, logo and websites of Sincerely Jules and The Hive as well as retail destinations The Americana at Brand, Letters from LA and newly launched, L.A-based nut butter company, Solstice Canyon.

Murnane's talents stretch beyond graphic design and branding. Along with her husband, architect, McShane Murnane, they build and renovate LA properties like Hollywood's Lombardi House, where McShane added an airy backyard barn to the space.

The duo also recently completed their insanely gorgeous hillside home in the Silverlake Hills just last year.

Stopping in at Atwater Village's newly opened juice spot, The Juice LA, Murnane shared some of her secret shopping gems around town and where she gathers design inspiration for her very stylish clients.

What are you drinking today?
#4 from The Juice LA - green apple, lemon, kale and triple ginger.

Favorite place to shop for accessories in LA?

Lake on Silver Lake Boulevard for the small and beautifully curated collection of jewelry designers and Letters from LA in Eagle Rock for Samantha Grisdale sculptural belts and cuffs.

Beach or Canyon?

The beach is literally family therapy. We bought the kids wet suits when they were toddlers, we go year-round.

Where do you get most of your design inspiration?

It can be anything I have an emotional connection with: Children, travel or nature...The stars at Yosemite this summer stuck with me for weeks. Also, live music and theatre are very restoring. UCLA Live has an exceptional fall line up.

What is your typical Sunday morning excursion?

My son, Lake, and I like to walk our dog down to Intelligentsia at Sunset Junction for a coffee and pastry. We sit on the little bench outside The Cheese Store for some people watching.

Favorite restaurant in LA?

Speranza is our local go-to favorite for a sit down meal. It's kid friendly and low key, with an amazing wine list. Our Monday night staple is the Heirloom LA Truck in front of Silver Lake Wine.

Do you cook? What is your signature dish?

Roast chicken with lemon is my specialty. That said, I can't remember last time I made it.

What item(s) are you coveting for fall?

I can't wait to get cozy in the Lauren Manoogian pullover sweater I picked up in Seattle a few weeks ago.

Most coveted item in your closet?

My Clare Vivier navy tote. I've had it for 4 years, they relined it for me a few months ago and replaced the zipper. I wear it every day and it still looks perfectly new.

Most spontaneous thing you've ever done?

My husband and I eloped the day after he proposed. Some things just can't wait.

Favorite hidden gem in LA?

For fashion I'd say the unassuming The Runway Outlet next to Silver Lake Wine. The owner is an adorable Aussie who buys seconds and samples from LA designers. You have to scour the racks a bit, but I recently got a few eternally stylish Crippen pieces and a funky pair of sandals by LD Tuttle.

Most inspiring interiors/or architecture in LA?
Elle Decoration UK is my source of interiors, it's inclusive and thoughtful, and the only interiors magazine I actually read. I lived in Europe for 5 years, for me the spaces there seem more restrained, understated and artful. For architecture, I'm drawn to designs that don't take themselves too seriously - anything playful and unexpected.

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