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A Trip to the Design Offices of SoCal Favorite Stone Cold Fox

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Orange County natives Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand met when they were only six years old and have been inseparable ever since Morris's food fight birthday party in the sixth grade. "I remember Dallas wanting to be my best friend because I was wearing Fly Girl jeans and Etnies skater shoes," Morris recalls. After college, Wand attended FIDM for Marketing while Morris pursued Fashion Design at CCA before the two decided to join forces to create the ultimate SoCal babe line, Stone Cold Fox.

Their offices, located in the Downtown Arts District, weren't always so extravagant. The line was born in Wand's parents's house before the moved into a 300-square-foot back house in Laguna, then a garage, and eventually their DTLA digs, where they've been for about a year-and-a-half. In their space, the gorg blondes and their team do everything from shipping and design to meetings with brides and buyers, all while keep their pups entertained. "We love our neighborhood," Morris tell us. "It's a really positive place."

Where did the name Stone Cold Fox come from?
Our dads used to say it to girls back in the day when a girl looks like a total fox. We like to think our clothes turn you into a fox and everything is very inspired by vintage clothing. It's very fitting to our aesthetic.

At what moment did you realize you had to create a line together?
We both graduated college and we moved back home to Laguna for the summer. We both had nothing to really loose at the point and a lot of dreams so we decided to start a custom made clothing line for fun that summer. Now, here we are!

What originally inspired the aesthetic of the line?
It's just so us. We are free-spirited girls but in a modern way. We are hard working girls, but love to have fun and like to look good. These clothes fit the life style we live, the events and things we go to and items that we feel best in. We love showing off the best parts of a woman's body without being too sexy. You wear SCF when you want to feel your best and that constantly inspires us.

Who is the Stone Cold Fox girl?
She's confident, happy, spontaneous, loves to be comfortable but not sloppy. She likes to look her best with out looking like she tried to hard. She can throw on a little dress of a key SCF piece and walk out the door with wet hair and jeans and look fabulous. She's sexual in the most classy way and she loves being outside.

What are some of the brand's key pieces?
One is the Onyx Gown, we have been making that since we first started and we still sell it so much today. It's classic and sexy and the best dress to wear to a wedding. Our unique lace is a SCF staple. Our silk bell-bottoms, our bias cut slip dresses and our cute little crop tops. But most of all, our jumpers. We make the best jumpers in the game!

Your designs are always on the blogscroll, any big blogger moments you've been especially proud of?
"We are happy when any girl wears Stone Cold Fox and they always look so good in it. We are most proud when Candice Swanepoel or any of the Victoria's Secret girls get caught in their SCF."

Describe your design process.
It usually starts with a beautiful fabric or a print, or whatever colors I am into at the moment. We use a lot of gem tones, and subtle prints that are not obnoxious. I design by hand in a sketchbook and then we work with our pattern makers and team to develop each piece. It's a long process and we work way ahead of time but its so rewarding when a collection is done, and we get to put together a big photo shoot.

What's next for SCF?
We are working on our collaborations which are always a fun side project, we are now starting on Fall 15, and we have a great Holiday collection coming out in October and then Spring in February. Lots of exciting stuff! And we are bringing back our home collection pretty soon which is great. We put it on hold for a year or two and have been working on producing it again!

Where do you go to unwind after a long day?
We live in Venice so we love to hit up one of the bars or restaurants around our house. It's nice to drive home to the beach after a long stressful day. We are both big tequila drinkers as well, so enjoying one of those never hurts!
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