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Cameron Silver is a World Traveller, Enjoys In-Flight Action Films

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Cameron Silver is a multi-hyphenate of the most glamorous kind. He's best known for being the doyen of vintage fashion, founder of Decades, author of "Decades: A Century of Fashion", philanthropist, jet-setter (no joke, he's been to Milan, Dubai, Ukraine, NYC, Kiev and Beirut all in the past couple of weeks) and of course, star of Bravo's "Dukes of Melrose." Plus, in his pre-fashion career, Silver was a cabaret singer who crooned on stages across the country and put out an album of classics.

When he's not doing a book signing, personal appearance or charity event, Silver can be found supporting one of his favorite causes, hiking the trails at Griffith Park with his beloved dog, Gary or working on of his many other forthcoming fashion projects.

We caught up with him near his Loz Feliz home, where the always witty Silver sipped on a green juice, while Gary watched on.

What are you drinking today?
A Green Smoothie from Lassens.

What is your favorite hidden gem in LA?
RM Schindler's King's Road House

What is your theme song?

Illusions by Freidrich Hollaender

What is your go-to snack?
Dried mango

As s former singer and performer, what is your signature song when performing?
Under my Skin by Cole Porter

As a champion of young talent, who are the designers you are excited about right now?
There are so many. In LA, I like HABER by Heather Goldberg

Beach or Canyons?

You're on a trans-Atlantic flight, do you read a book or watch a movie? And what are you reading/watching?
I tend to watch action films on flights like Godzilla.

Your luggage of choice?
Tumi by George Esquivel

The 5 beauty/grooming products you cannot live without?
Dr. Lancer Face polish, Revive moisturizing renewal cream, Imperial Products gel pomade, Moroccan Oil Hairspray, Lever 2000 soap

Best breakfast in LA?
Four Seasons Easter Sunday brunch. Otherwise I go to my yummy local Mustard Seed cafe

What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
Does my dog need to pee or poo

Do you have a good luck charm? What is it?
My family

What is the best advice you've ever received and who gave it to you?
My friend Angelique said in a moment of crisis that we learn from failure and she was right.

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