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A Guide to LA's Most Unique and Wackiest Workouts

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Welcome to Racked's Fitness Week: five days of workout coverage, so that you can start your New Year's resolutions off right.

Remember that post-apocalyptic scene in Waterworld when island inhabitants discover a giant twisty paperclip-like contraption and declare it a "medieval torturing device"? Given our modern era's As-Seen-On-TV weight loss wares, perhaps '90s screenwriters weren't too far off in their predictions of a future where weird workout apparatuses would eventually succumb to the dark corners of the world, like the bottoms of our closets.

All fitness whatchamacallits aside, leave it to LA to concoct equally creative ways for sculpting, toning and all-around body busting. If you're looking to elevate your snooze-worthy exercise game, here are seven unique and wild workouts that are not at all death-defying but totally calorie crushing.

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