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A Wildly Stylish Coat for Under $50

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Today's pick comes from Racked National editor Leslie Price.

Blue contrast grey panel detachable fur hood wool-blend coat, $47.22 at

Winter coats tend to fall into two categories. There's your functional coat, a looks-be-damned monstrosity that's either puffy or made of thick wool. This usually comes in black, gray, brown or some other goes-with-everything, I-give-up color. Then, there's your style coat, a thin lark that's done up in a bright hue or cool print. Either it's short, or it comes bearing some other entirely impractical fashion detail.

This version falls into the latter camp—it might not get you through the polar vortex, but it's alluring for a lot of other reasons. First of all, you get quite a bit of design for your buck. Not only is it cool-looking, it can also be worn two ways: slightly rugged, with its faux-fur hood intact, or if you clip the hood off, more sleek. Buy it now and hold on to it for those 40-degree days.
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