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Danish Sensation Anine Bing Walks Us Through Her LA Studio

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2013 was a big year for Anine Bing. The stunning Danish model-turned-designer first caught our eye last March, when Fashiontoast's Rumi Neely fell hard for the LA-based talent's luscious leather jackets. Bing then went on to take Coachella by storm, where just about every top blogger was spotted sporting her studded boots and mirroring her model-off-duty vibe. The rest, as they say, is history.

We recently took a tour of Bing's bright, white design studio in the heart of Downtown LA. Here, the mother of two reveals her favorite stars to dress, her best beauty secrets and her big plans to open a store. (!)

What inspired you to start your line?
"It all started about two years ago, when I was searching for the perfect pair of skinny jeans. I love them, but could never find a pair that fit exactly right—they were either too high or low on the waist, or the pockets were wrong. One day, I woke up and decided that I wanted to design my own pair of jeans, and did just that. Anine Bing started with skinny jeans, a couple of T-shirts and a leather jacket. I created my little web shot and within a week, we got into Madison, Satine and a few other great retailers. It's been a dream come true!"

Amazing. How long have you lived in LA?
"I'm from Denmark, but grew up in Sweden. I came to LA for the first time ten years ago and traveled back and forth a lot. I've been here full-time for the past four years, living in the Hollywood Hills."

Did your experience in modeling help you launch the line?
"Yes, because I was able to learn so much about the industry from my experience, especially from traveling and working with people in the business. I always loved fashion and have been blogging for many years, so it didn't feel like a huge step. It came kind of easily, but it's definitely a lot of hard work."

How large is the Anine Bing team?
"I have eight employees. My husband helps, too. I do the creative work and he does the production side. We make a great team!"

Who would you say is the Anine Bing girl?
"It's for confident girls who just want to get ready in five minutes and still look effortlessly cool with a rock-bohemian twist. I'm not trying to be high-fashion. I would never, ever design something that I wouldn't wear myself. I design selfishly, then hope that everyone else loves it, too."

Oh, they do. Who are some of your famous fans?
"Rosie Huntington-Whiteley—she's an amazing style icon and it's been really great seeing her in my jackets and leather pants. Kate Bosworth, too. I also love Julie Sarinana of the blog Sincerely, Jules. I love her style. A lot of LA bloggers have become my friends; they support me and I support them. It's a great relationship."

You're also a big Instagrammer. Your children are absolutely adorable.
"Thank you! Bianca is three and Benjamin is seven months. They're such a big part of my life, so I love showing them off to the world. I love being a mother."

Would you ever want to start a kids line?
"I'm so busy with the existing line right now, but never say never!"

When you're not working on your line or enjoying family time, where do you unwind?
"When I have a free moment, I love going to Bottega Louie in DTLA with friends. I love the food there."

Where would you go on your dream vacation?
"Vacation, what's that? [Laughs] I haven't been on vacation since I started the brand, but I'd love to go to Tulum, Mexico. I've never been! Also, if I had a month to do whatever I wanted, I'd take my family to Bali. I've been there many times before and love it."

Do you have any fitness or beauty secrets?
"I'm very low maintenance. Just like how I get dressed, my beauty takes five minutes and I'm out the door. I wash my hair and just let it air dry. I like a nice foundation, some blush and mascara. As for fitness, my grandmother always loved walking, and so do I. LA isn't really a walking city, but when I'm in Europe I never take the bus or taxi—I walk everywhere. Also, sleep is very important. I wake up at 5:30am every day and go to sleep between 9-10pm."

Do you have a life motto?
"'You know when you know.' My husband got that as a tattoo when he first met me, which was sweet. We also printed it on a T-shirt. It's about listening to your instinct."

Speaking of tattoos, you have a few small ones on your wrist. What do they symbolize?
"I got the star ten years ago when I first came to LA. I wanted to do something bold. My five siblings and I all have it. My husband got the heart when I was pregnant my my first child, and I got the same when when I had the baby—it's a little love tattoo. The triangle I got two months ago, when my two best friends came to visit me. We've been friends for twenty years!"

Finally, will Anine Bing be opening a store anytime soon?
"Yes! We're going to open a store in LA very soon, and then hopefully New York and Stockholm. I want to make sure we continue to grow organically."
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