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The WeHo Pilates Studio That Transformed Miley's Body

Miley leaving Winsor Pilates on June 29, 2012. Photo via FameFlynet Pictures.
Miley leaving Winsor Pilates on June 29, 2012. Photo via FameFlynet Pictures.

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If you're dying to know the exact point in time that Miley Cyrus publicly went from Disney darling to crop top connoisseur, it was the spring of 2012. Looking noticeably more svelte than the cookie-cutter kid we once knew, a top bun- and tattoo-loving Cyrus was repeatedly spotted leaving West Hollywood's Winsor Pilates. She's always been in shape, but her new physique was (and still is!) straight-up ridiculous, offering a physical example of how quickly pilates (and a gluten allergy) can transform your body. So, what's up with Winsor?

Founded by Mari Winsor in 1990, Winsor Pilates has two studios in LA—one on Melrose (Miley's haunt) and one in Santa Monica. Class options include private (one student, $90/class), semi-private (two students, $50/class) and mat (6-7 students, $15/class). A private lesson with Mari herself will set you back $125/class (or a one-time intro for $100). "Sick of the paparazzi following her to her daily workouts," People reports that Miley installed a studio at her home and Mari trains her there. Must be nice.

As for Miley's specific workout, Winsor reveals that they do "a sidekick series on the Cadillac for legs and butt, then plenty of ab work." She add that "it's at least a half an hour of working out … You have to learn how to not just tighten up your tummy but actually pull your tummy into your lower back as much as you can."

Want to give it a shot? Visit Winsor Pilates or buy one of Mari's DVDs here. Twerking not included.
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Winsor Pilates

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