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Designer Heidi Merrick Talks Juice Cleanses, Edible Flowers

Image via <a href="">The Chalkboard</a>
Image via The Chalkboard

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While fitness folks like Tracy Anderson "100% hate" juice cleanses, designers love 'em. Taking a note from Kelly Wearstler's diet is Heidi Merrick, who recently invited Pressed Juicery's blog The Chalkboard into her Silver Lake home.

Currently on a three-day cleanse from the crazy-popular juicery, Merrick reveals that she gives up grub "maybe three times a year" to "exercise self-discipline and change up my habits." When it's time to eat again, the fashion star eases into it by "incorporating Raw almonds. I also make a fresh green salad from my garden, including some gorgeous edible flowers."

Take a peek inside her charming crib and learn some of her cleansing tips ("I don't sip and keep sipping, I just drink it and move on, otherwise it becomes too obsessive with me") here.
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